Conditions for Obtaining Beekeeping Loans: Grants and Interest-Free Loans

Many grants and interest-free loan facilities are offered by the state, especially in the recent period, in order to reorganize livestock and agriculture, as well as to support farmers. In this context, one of the sectors that are supported is beekeeping.

Beekeeping Loan is the financial support offered by Banks or other private institutions for beekeepers. Within the scope of state livestock loans, loans for bee breeders are offered by many different banks.

Beekeeping Credit Conditions

Bank provides Beekeeping Loans to individuals registered in the Beekeeping Registration System, producing at least 50 bee hives or increasing the number of bee hives to 50 or more. These loans are taken on the goals and objectives written below.

1. To buy and install bee hive, new hive with pollen (empty), honey filtering machine, pollen drying and cleaning and cake preparation machines,
2. Building construction and renovation, shelf systems, related tools and equipment for bumblebee producing enterprises,

For generator, solar energy system, beekeeper hut or caravan purchase for the beekeeping beekeepers with 3,200 bee hives and more,
4. For beekeepers who want to produce queen bees with 100 and more bee hives; for the purchase of a generator, solar energy system, at least 1,000 mating hives / boxes for queen bee production and beekeeper hut / beekeeper caravan,
5. Financing supports used for other investment expenses.

In which areas is bank’s beekeeping loan used?

  • Bee transports and expenses to the beekeeper beekeepers including labor
    • For queen bee businesses; sugar, basic honeycomb, cake purchase and queen bee production materials purchase,
    • Operational expenses (such as pollen, sugar, plastic container and packaging material) needed for bumblebee production,
    • It aims to finance other operating expenses.

Documents Required for Beekeeping Loan Application

In order to use Beekeeping Loan, you must go to any bank and apply personally. The documents requested from you during the application are as follows.

  • Farmer Certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Documents proving its agricultural holdings (land registry, rental contract, etc.)
  • Documents for collaterals to be shown against the loan
  • Balance sheet and income statement for the last three years from businesses operating on a balance sheet basis

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